Our Next Rally is July 8-10, 2016 at Springwater Conservation Area

BIG BALLS has been entertaining motorcycle enthusiasts and supporting local kids for nearly 24 years. In 1990 a group riders had the idea of having a bike rally to raise some cash for a local charity. The event would be held on a bush lot provided by Brad Ball. That year BIG BALLS saw about 25 bikes and 40 party goers and raised around $300 for the Sunshine Foundation.

News travelled fast and the event started to grow. The event would be held for another year or two at Brad Ball's before it was moved to Archie Burwell's at the end of Culloden Road. After several years it was again time to move. With the numbers growing it was time to find a place that would be suitable for the DICE RUN.

It wasn't long before BIG BALLS made Casey's Park home for more then a decade. As a campground it offered lots of camping space, a large field for the bike rodeo and a band shelter for the evening entertainment. With over 10 years at Casey's the run began became a staple in the motorcycle world becoming known as the event to attend. With riders coming from as far as Indiana,Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and parts of Northern Ontario it was sure to be a great time.

In 2008 the BIG BALLS staff had a difficult decision to make. For the third time the DICE RUN needed a new home. In 2007, the run had seen a huge growth thanks to the national TV coverage of the event. Having 500 bikes and 800 people was proving too much for Casey's park. We had outgrown our home for over a decade. The staff scrambled to find an alternate location. This led us to SPRINGWATER CONSERVATION AREA.The staff visited the park to make sure it was a good fit for the DICE RUN. With several showers, a beach/swimming area, multiple washrooms, a band shelter and room for 4000 campers it was quickly decided that SPRINGWATER was the perfect spot.

The Dice Run also made changes in their Charity.. After 16 years with the Sunshine Foundation and over $200,000 in donations..our Big Balls Association put in an inquiry with regards to how our Generous Donations were being put to use..it was at that point that they're POMPUS Board of Directors felt that our "Dirty Biker Money" was not needed anymore. This is the THANKs WE got!

So it was then decided we would donate elsewhere.. & with Grateful Open Arms The London Downs Syndrome welcomed our Donations.

In 2008, BIG BALLS unveiled the new location and a new charity, and it was a hit. It was quickly seen that everyone involved approved of the new park and the charity.Since 2008 the BIG BALLS DICE RUN donated a huge $117,00.. the largest to date to the LONDON DOWN SYNDROME ASSOCIATION.

It has been a long run for the BIG BALLS DICE RUN with over $317,000 in donations, 4 locations, 2 charities, a huge planning staff and many great sponsors. There ain't NO Stopping US!! We were Born to RiSE!!

A BIG BALLS THANK YOU Goes out to all of Many Sponsors over the years!


Talisman Motorcycle Luggage


Rocky's Harley Davidson


DG Custom Cycles


Lost Time Hotrods & Choppers


Chico Sanchez & the HoG Wild Band

For many yrs of getting the Party Rockin with their GREAT music & Good Times!!